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With the power of wholesale pricing, we give you the cheapest possible deal on electricity.
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Cheaper power

Take advantage of real-time wholesale prices. Plus, save even more if you use power at cheaper times

Cleaner energy

We offset the electricity you buy with carbon credits or GreenPower renewable certificates

Clearer pricing

No confusing tariffs, rules, or complicated discounts. We use real public market data to set prices

Here’s how it works

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  • Take 2 minutes and sign up online.
  • Welcome on board! Our flat fee is $10 a month, and your electricity prices are now set by the wholesale market.
  • Start saving! Try using more power when wholesale prices are cheap, and using less when they increase.
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Who wants to pay retail?

Staying with an electricity retailer means paying a fixed price each year, which can be $1,000 more than they're paying.

On the other hand, we charge $10 flat free each month to give you access to the same dynamic wholesale prices that the big retailers get.

Take back control and get the real price.

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