Electricity shouldn't suck so much

amber is a new electricity retailer that gives you access to the cheaper wholesale energy prices. Then we help you save even more by optimising your energy usage
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How Electricity should be. Duh.

Only $10 a month

Why pay a high retail markup? $10 a month gets you access to real-time wholesale prices

Renewable Energy

Support renewable power by using
energy in sync with when solar and wind are producing. We'll also offset your electricity with carbon credits or GreenPower renewable certificates

100% Visibility

No confusing tariffs, rules, or discounts. We use real public market data to set prices - you can even check it out yourself

Here’s how it works

Save money in 4 easy steps

  • Sign up online in just 2 minutes - we'll take care of all the backend stuff to get you off your old retailer and onto amber.
  • Start saving by accessing the same wholesale prices that big retailers pay (we don't add any markup to electricity prices - just a flat $10 a month fee).
  • If you want to save even more use our Live Price portal to plan your electricity usage for times that wholesale prices are cheapest (like when renewables are generating heaps of excess electricity).
  • Feel self-satisfied in the knowledge that we are offsetting all your power with carbon credits or GreenPower renewable certificates.
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100% GREEN POWER - often cheaper than the other guys sell you dirty stuff

With amber you can often afford to buy 100% GreenPower renewable energy
for less than your old black power

Your energy provider is probably screwing you out of $400 each year

Big electricity retailers charge you a fixed price - often over $400 more each year than they pay.

With amber you'll pay just $10 a month to get access to the same dynamic wholesale price that the big retailers get.

Take back control and get the real price.

Use our comparison tool below to see how much you could save using Amber
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Got any questions?

Still unsure on how this all works? Visit out FAQ Page for more information

Or email us at info@amberelectric.com.au

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