Amber is the only power company delivering electricity at true wholesale prices

We need to make it cheaper for people to use renewables

The cheapest renewable power sources are not available all the time. We can’t get solar power when the sun isn’t shining, and we can’t get wind power when the wind isn’t blowing. If we want a higher ratio of solar and wind, we need people to use more during the times they can produce. If we give people true wholesale prices, then they can save money by using more at these times.

We should be able to trust we are getting a fair price for electricity

Traditional electricity models work by trying to get people to pay as much for power as possible so that the retailer can make a bigger margin. Because we charge a flat fee, our only incentive is to help you reduce your electricity costs. This creates a model of trust and partnership - where we all can win together.

About Amber

Amber was founded by a team of people who grew tired of the way the electricity market works and how customers always end up paying more than they should.

We’ve just started our journey and nothing makes us happier than helping customers save money. And if we can do that while also building a little trust again in a broken market, then that’s a good enough reason for us to get out of bed each morning.

Oh, and our CEO, Chris Thompson, loves to talk to customers on Twitter.

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