The Smart Energy Revolution has arrived

We have launched in VIC, QLD, ACT, NSW and SA.

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Amber's Automated Demand Response Trial

We are inviting 1000 South Australian participants in this Automated Demand Response trial to save money and support renewables.

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Welcome to Amber

We charge a flat $10/month subscription fee to access wholesale electricity prices. No lock-in contracts and no exit fees. 

By shifting energy consumption to times when electricity is at its cheapest, our customers are already saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year.
Amber Electric has been awarded a grant under the SA Government’s Demand Management Trials Program to deliver the Automated Demand Response Trial with 1000 customers in South Australia.

The trial will allow customers to optimize their electric hot water system, pool pump, or household battery to automatically use power when wholesale prices are cheaper. 

This will save customers money and help support the reliability of the grid.

By joining us and taking part in this trial you will be given free access to new smart technology to control one of your existing devices:
To optimize your
pool pump
To optimize your electric hot water system
To optimize your household battery

Pay wholesale prices

Unlike energy retailers, we give you access to the realtime wholesale energy price as it changes every 30 mins, without the retail markup - we will even pay you to use power when wholesale prices are negative.

Drive more renewables

Our goal is to build the renewable future while saving you money, by enabling you to use power when cheap renewables are generating. Put simply, every dollar you spend with  Amber actively supports a renewable energy future while doing zero harm.

Be part of something

9/10 of our customers say they’d recommend us.  It’s probably because we don’t treat them as customers, but as true partners in our mission to accelerate a smart energy future.

Households and small businesses are set to be the big winners from the smart technology being trialled by Amber Electric.

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan

The smarter we get with demand management, the cheaper our electricity will become.

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan

The benefits of demand management are clear - a more reliable grid, which will result in fewer blackouts, more renewables being able to be used and lower energy bills.

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan

Save money by automating your energy usage!

Our estimates suggest that over the course of 12 months, in addition to the savings you can already make by switching to Amber, you can unlock an additional $150-300 per year through automating the times of the day when these devices are on the grid.

Spaces for this trial are limited.

We will be offering a place in this program to the first 1000 eligible participants who register their interest. Only one free device will be provided per household.

If you are interested in this trial and keen to learn more, simply fill out the form to register your interest.

To participate in this trial you will need to:
  • Join Amber as a customer for a minimum period of 12 months for the trial
  • Be willing to share your usage data anonymously (over the course of the 12 months) for research purposes
Participants will be able to keep their smart devices at the end of the 12 month trial.
Terms and Conditions will be provided to those who are invited to join the trial. 

On behalf of Amber and the SA Government, thank you for your interest in joining the Smart Energy Revolution.

Register your interest

Nice one- we'll let you know soon when we're ready to bring you onboard!
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