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Amber’s real-time wholesale prices give you the power to pay less for electricity when cheap renewables are generating.
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Amber brought our price down from 24.94 ¢/kWh to 17.24 ¢/kWh while providing clean energy as well - everyone needs to check them out
Alfred, sydney
Great to be onboard with @AmberElectricAU. Charged my #TeslaModel3 when the prices turned negative yesterday. Filled the battery and made some money at the same time!
Mike, Melbourne
Tried out something new and switched power companies to Amber, who offer power at wholesale rates. 2 weeks in and the 40 ¢/kWh I was paying before is now an average of 27 ¢/kWh to Amber
Russell, adelaide
I recently switched to @AmberElectricAU to gain access to wholesale pricing with my solar. The Victorian price spike on Friday earned me $100 in 1 day!
Eytan, Melbourne
Best prices possible. My bills are now down to less than $30 a month in the Summer with my solar panels earning the market rate.
Andrew, NSW
We live in a two level house and our bills were coming in at $1100 a quarter. I thought I would give Amber a go and they've honestly changed our lives - now our quarterly bills are $394
Lou, QLD

Amber saves people:

on average vs. the Victorian Default Offer
(the Govt. reference price for energy)
Reference price
savings (inc. GST) for a typical household using 4000 kWh General Usage and 2000 kWh Controlled Load Usage each year

Extra savings are in your hands

The wholesale price of electricity fluctuates throughout the day. This means you can save hundreds more each year by using the price forecast in our app to shift some of your usage to times when power is cheaper and greener.

Are wholesale prices always cheaper?

Over the course of a year, wholesale is a cheaper way to buy power for most customers, but wholesale isn't always cheaper in every hour, day, or month of the year. Wholesale prices can spike up to ~$19/kWh for up to 8 hours in total each summer, usually on the hottest evenings in January (we'll notify you whenever this happens). These price spikes are included in the average monthly and half-hourly prices shown below. You can beat these average prices in summer by reducing your usage during price spikes.


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Amber = true wholesale prices
Av. General Usage price
The average real-time wholesale price of electricity in your area. This is the generation price of power plus the cost of responsibly and reliably getting power to your home (with no retail markup!).
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Av. Solar feed-in tariff
The average real-time wholesale feed-in tariff for all solar exports. This doesn’t take into account any government rebates or state regulated minimum feed-in tariffs.
See breakdown
Av. Controlled load price
The real-time wholesale price of a Controlled load tariff (J tariff).
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Daily supply charge
The wholesale daily costs we must pay to supply power to your property.
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Amber Subscription

This is our only margin for running the retail side of the business!
Your wholesale prices
100% Carbon Neutral
All our power is 100% Carbon Neutral, with the option to upgrade to 100% GreenPower.
No lock-in contracts or exit fees
You're free to leave at any time (although we're pretty sure you'll want to stick around).
Default offer guaranteed
We guarantee that you’ll never pay more than your state’s reference price for energy over the course of a year or we’ll refund the difference.
Monthly Billing
Simple and easy billing, every month. No surprises.
Simple, clear and transparent

Got any questions?

Below is a list of common questions we get asked about our pricing. If we haven’t answered your question click here to browse through all our FAQs.

What exactly are wholesale prices?

All energy retailers buy their electricity from the same wholesale electricity market, where prices are set every 30 minutes. The wholesale price is the true price for your usage that Amber (and other retailers) have to pay to provide you energy. The wholesale price includes wholesale energy costs (which vary every 30 mins), hedging costs, the rates charged by your local network (who own the poles and wires), metering costs and regulated charges for environmental schemes and market operations. We also add on a carbon offset to make your energy use carbon neutral.
Find out more here

How can I keep track of wholesale prices?

Our app shows you the live wholesale price and provides a forecast to help customers who want to plan their electricity usage. If you have a power-hungry appliance such as a dishwasher, all it takes is a quick look at your app to see whether it's a good time to turn it on. Small changes to your routine can have a big impact on your bill.

Does Amber offer any kind of price protection?

We've got you covered. We pass through the 30 minute wholesale prices directly, and this is typically significantly cheaper than the Government’s Default Market Offer, but to give you peace of mind we guarantee you will never pay more than the Default Market Offer on average over a year or we’ll refund the difference.

What are price spikes?

Price spikes are rare and happen just a few hours a year - or approx. 0.1% of the time - but they do happen every year in summer. They tend to occur when most households are using energy intensive appliances (usually the aircon) and there aren't enough renewables in the grid to meet demand. Coal and gas-fired power stations charge 100x normal prices for their power at these times, driving up the wholesale price to a maximum of around $19/kWh. It's important to shift your usage away from price spikes if you're able - and the Amber app will help you do that. You can read more about price spikes here.

Can I keep my Premium FIT?

Yes.  If you live in VIC, the Premium FiT is actually funded by the Government, so we'll pass that straight through to you, and even add on our normal FiT (equal to the wholesale energy price at the time of exports) as well.

Does Amber offer a J tarrif?

Yes - that's a controlled load tariff, which means that your local network give you cheaper rates for your energy.

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