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We've received your request to switch your energy across to Amber (powered by Energy Locals) - so you can start getting your energy at real-time wholesale prices. We're pumped to have you onboard! We'll be sending out an email with all the below information - but here it is if you're too excited to wait!

What happens now?

Well your work is done - we'll take over from here. Here's what's happening in the background:

1. Starting from now you have a 10 day cooling off period in case you decide we suck and you'd rather stick with your old retailer. In that case - just let us know and we'll cancel it for you (and anyway you can always leave us anytime - we don't have any exit fees or anything)

2. After your cooling off period, we need to get a final meter read so you can get a final bill from your old retailer. If you’ve got a smart meter this will happen straightaway, if you’re on an old-fashioned meter we will arrange to get this done in a few days

3. After all that you'll be switched over (it should feel pretty good). We’ll start offsetting your usage with 100% renewable power or carbon credits straight away, but before we can give you proper real-time pricing we need to install a smart meter to be able to record how much you are using in real-time. This could take 1-2 weeks - in the meantime we will use an average of your electricity usage to calculate your prices.

Amber supplies electricity services as an agent for Energy Locals Pty Ltd ACN 606 408 879.

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