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We've received your request to switch your energy across to Amber powered by Energy Locals - so you can start getting your energy at real-time wholesale prices.

We're pumped to have you on board. We'll be sending you a welcome email in the next couple of days, but here's the short version if you're keen to know what happens next.

What happens now?

1. (You are here) 10 business day “cooling off” period

We’re legally required to wait
10 business days before kicking off your transfer to Amber. This gives you a bit more time to think about whether you'd rather stick with your current retailer. The energy industry lingo for this is the “cooling off period,” and it’s a regulatory requirement for all retailers. Yours has kicked off today.

You’ll still be with your current retailer during this waiting period.

2. Final meter read

After your cooling off period ends we need to get a final meter read done so your current retailer can issue your last bill. After your final meter read has been completed you’ll officially be switched over to Amber!

3. Smart Meter installation (you’ll skip this step if you already have one).

Though you’ll be our customer as soon as your final meter read has been completed, we can’t pass through the real-time wholesale price until you get a smart meter installed. Old-fashioned meters can only track your total usage between reads, but they can’t track how much electricity you use at different times. We'll need to upgrade your meter if you've got an old-fashioned meter.

4. Get real-time prices and download the Amber Electric app

Once you’re up and running with a smart meter, you’ll be able to access Amber’s real-time wholesale price. If you haven’t yet, make sure to download the Amber Electric app on the App Store or Google Play so you can get familiar with the wholesale price forecast for your area.

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